Dawdling away

Big in Colorado

The ride wasn't enjoyable, at least not in an entertaining way. But that was not what he has hoped for anyways.

The car turned out to be a really old van, with patchy leather seats, parts of the plastic interior broken and felcks of rust at the edges of the framework. He was sure he would not survive an hour inside of this wreck, even less a half-day trip across no-mans land where they couldn't even call for service because the cell reception was down.

His travel companions however did not seem to share his doubts and happily loaded the van with bags, sports equipement and a second-hand computer. He winced at every squeak the pathetic car made and considered just turning away and leaving. Which would leave him stranded here until tomorrow, which would cause him to miss the DAP chairman's speech and a once-in-a-lifetime chance of boosting his career.

So he stayed.

She had already introduced him to the driver, her boyfriend-to-be judging by the way he looked at her and the frequency of her laughs. Now their two tennisplayer friends had arrived and once again he was dismayed by how true all his prejudices turned out to be.

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