Dawdling away

Once upon

Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess. And they were to be wed.

But then Haruhi meets the gardener's son and is stubborn enough to fall in love.

But then there is the prince's twin and they don't want to be separated, don't want to be different, don't want to be told apart by "the one who is married" and "the one who is not". Besides, they'd rather go out on heroic adventures than be stuck in a castle with a wife.

And then there is the queen, a dazzling beauty with charcoal eyes, a burning gaze and imprisoning smile, far too unruffled by the sudden death of her husband. They dance when the occasion arises.

When the king learns of his daughters elopement and the unwillingness and devilishness that are the twins, he distresses. Runs around in small circles, clawing at his hair, looking for a way to escape the now impending doom of war and the destruction of their countries and the sorrow and grief for their people and and .... The queen stands aside, silent, watching. The king turns to her with a helpless what-shall-we-do~oo and it is in this moment that he realizes he has taken to thinking in "we" and recognizes the promise of a smile on her lips. He utters a soft surprised "Oh" and then kneels before her.

Once upon a time there was a king and his queen. (And they were to be wed.)

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