Dawdling away


"You are the biggest idiotic block-head I've ever met! Are you stupid? You think he'd do that with anyone? You think he'd do that for anyone? You think he just goes and cries his heart out to the next best person who has the impertinence of going ahead and calling himself his friend?

Do you honestly, honestly believe he'd have let you do all that stuff if he hadn't liked you? Loved you? Did anything just to see you fucking smile?

He's entranced by you, he calls it "bewitched" and "emprisoned" and at first he hated it, he didn't want to be in love with you, he wanted to get away, and he tried, but couldn't and that was when I found him at my doorstep, crying, broken, shaking all over.

He loves you, idiot. He fucking loves you and don't you dare let him leave. Don't you dare let him go and don't you dare come back here without him.

And now get out of here.

Run. Run, Tamaki."

And he ran.

18.3.09 13:12


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