Dawdling away


I break and yell.

"Just shut the fuck up!"

I stand in the room, frozen, hands balled into fists, eyes clenched shut and I'm about to cry. I try to breathe evenly, to block out my thoughts, to not. break. down. but it doesn't work and I can already feel the tears building up and know I can't stop them and I don't want to cry, an Ootori does. not. cry, but I'm losing control and -

- suddenly there's arms around me, pulling me against a warm body. I can hear Tamaki's voice next to my ear, "Kyouya", just saying my name over and over, in that soft, vibrant tone of his.

"Kyouya. Don't worry. We're here. I'm here. It will work out, it'll be okay, don't worry, Kyouya. Everything's alright, it'll work out somehow. Kyouya."

The world starts to fade, all sounds are getting tuned down and muffled. The tension in my body loosenes up and I feel Tamaki just holding tighter.

"Kyouya. I'm here, Kyouya, don't worry. I'll help you with anything, we'll make it somehow, just don't worry anymore. I'm here, Kyouya - "

I don't quite get what he's saying anymore, his voice isn't loud enough, but it doesn't really matter. His breath is warm against the side of my face and I feel tired and worn out. I let my head fall onto his shoulder and move my arms a bit to bury my hands in his shirt. My consciousness drifts further and further away and the last things I remember is the soft touch of lips against my neck in a whisper of my name.

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