Dawdling away

... kann man entlang

rennen, kriechen, hetzen, stolpern, schleichen, jagen, schlittern, laufen, gehen, schlurfen, springen, rasen, fetzen, tapsen, hopsen, eilen, tanzen, schlendern, joggen, fliegen, hasten, humpeln, gleiten, schweben, wirbeln, stolzieren, schreiten, trippeln, sprinten, trampeln, hüpfen, rutschen, steppen, poltern, watscheln, stampfen, flanieren, geschoben, gezerrt und gezogen werden.

Or you just call out for Kyouya to wait.

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Ansatz, Umsatz, Einsatz, Aussatz, Versatz, Absatz, Aufsatz, Ersatz, Zusatz, Untersatz.

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ansetzen, umsetzen, einsetzen, aussetzen, veretzen, zersetzen, zusetzen, hinsetzen, wegsetzen, zusammensetzen, absetzen, aufsetzen, ersetzen, entsetzen.

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Big in Colorado

The ride wasn't enjoyable, at least not in an entertaining way. But that was not what he has hoped for anyways.

The car turned out to be a really old van, with patchy leather seats, parts of the plastic interior broken and felcks of rust at the edges of the framework. He was sure he would not survive an hour inside of this wreck, even less a half-day trip across no-mans land where they couldn't even call for service because the cell reception was down.

His travel companions however did not seem to share his doubts and happily loaded the van with bags, sports equipement and a second-hand computer. He winced at every squeak the pathetic car made and considered just turning away and leaving. Which would leave him stranded here until tomorrow, which would cause him to miss the DAP chairman's speech and a once-in-a-lifetime chance of boosting his career.

So he stayed.

She had already introduced him to the driver, her boyfriend-to-be judging by the way he looked at her and the frequency of her laughs. Now their two tennisplayer friends had arrived and once again he was dismayed by how true all his prejudices turned out to be.

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They sleep together for the first time (unplatonically) on the night before Kyouya leaves for Berlin. Kyouya is drained from trying to let go and Tamaki is desperate from not wanting to let go and on top of that both of them are drunk (not enough however to let the alcohol take the blame).

The thin line is irrefutably crossed when Tamaki clings to Kyouya's neck whining ("but I'll be so lonely without kaa-san" and "promise you'll write, everyday, just a single word, please" and "Kyouya, don't leave me" ) and suddenly says "Kyouya, are you crying?" and Kyouya didn't know he was. He makes for raising his hand to wipe away the signs of betrayal but Tamaki gets there first and touches his lips to the corner of his eye. (Kyouya's skin burns.) When he pulls away he finds he can't because (somehow, unnoticed) Tamaki's hand got twisted in his hair and stops him and then their eyes meet (he couldn't help it) and he sees love and sadness and longing and want and knows he has lost (again).

Tamaki tastes like citrus and wine and cinnamon; Kyouya should taste similar as they all had dinner together (only without the cinnamon, he let Tamaki have his dessert) but Tamaki finds that the bitter taste of the coffee (so very Kyouya) drowns everything else out (and he doesn't mind at all). It is only a question of time until the kisses are not sufficient anymore to convey what they both need to say.

(I love you. Stay. Don't ever leave me. I need you.)

They say a very quiet good-bye at the airport the next morning and the others wonder (well, a few of them do) and Kyouya feels strangely distanced from everything that happens after that, getting a stiff neck from sleeping on the flight, shaking hands with people who pick him up and smiling at people he knows he should know but can't remember just now (how did that ever happen?). When later in the evening (their evening, his early morning) he reads Tamaki's email (filled to the brim with annoying smilies and nonsense and entirely uncalled-for "I miss you"s) Kyouya finally feels the distance crushing down on him. He wakes up with a headache the next day. The postcard he sends is empty save for a small K.O. in the bottom corner. (When he comes back to Japan after six months for a short visit he will find it pinned up in the middle of Tamaki's bedroom wall, surrounded by all the other cards he sent.)

They never talk about what happened ever again, they never talk about what is. But Kyouya will continue to write and Tamaki will continue to wait and on top of that both are far too (stubborn, proud, naive, unwilling to see) in love to let go.

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Once upon

Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess. And they were to be wed.

But then Haruhi meets the gardener's son and is stubborn enough to fall in love.

But then there is the prince's twin and they don't want to be separated, don't want to be different, don't want to be told apart by "the one who is married" and "the one who is not". Besides, they'd rather go out on heroic adventures than be stuck in a castle with a wife.

And then there is the queen, a dazzling beauty with charcoal eyes, a burning gaze and imprisoning smile, far too unruffled by the sudden death of her husband. They dance when the occasion arises.

When the king learns of his daughters elopement and the unwillingness and devilishness that are the twins, he distresses. Runs around in small circles, clawing at his hair, looking for a way to escape the now impending doom of war and the destruction of their countries and the sorrow and grief for their people and and .... The queen stands aside, silent, watching. The king turns to her with a helpless what-shall-we-do~oo and it is in this moment that he realizes he has taken to thinking in "we" and recognizes the promise of a smile on her lips. He utters a soft surprised "Oh" and then kneels before her.

Once upon a time there was a king and his queen. (And they were to be wed.)

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Es war halb elf und schon längst dunkel, nur das Licht der Straßenlampe direkt vor ihrem Fenster fiel ins Zimmer. Ichigos Schreibtisch war ein weiterer Lichtfleck, außerdem die Ecklampe und die Beleuchtung des Abzugs in der Küche. Robin hatte sich mit ihren geliebten Ramen auf ihrem Bett breitgemacht und schaute Naruto Shippuuden, mit Kopfhörern, um ihn und Ichigo nicht beim Arbeiten zu stören. Er selber war mir seiner Übersetzung beschäftigt, deutsche Fachartikel zu Ausgrabungen im Teutoburger Wald für den Archäologielehrstuhl seiner Uni.

Das Geräusch der Dusche im Bad hörte auf und zwei Minuten später kam Ichigo mit Jogginghose, T-Shirt und nassen Haaren ins Zimmer. Er hatte angefangen, regelmäßig laufen zu gehen, um halbwegs in Form zu bleiben, und an Tagen, an denen er Tutorstunden hatte, wurde es oft so spät. Robin brach in unterdrücktes Lachen aus und grinste Ichigo kurz an, als er ihren leeren Teller in die Küche brachte. Dann waren die Kühlschranktür, eine Kekspackung und die Besteckschublade zu hören, danach barfüßige Schritte zu Uryuus Stuhl. Ichigo stellte ihm eine Schüssel Joghurt mit Pfirsichstücken neben seinen Laptop und drückte ihm einen flüchtigen Kuss auf die Schläfe. Er kramte einen neuen Block mit Klebezetteln aus der Schublade und setzte sich dann an seine Jurabücher.

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